Our Services

  • Operating Systems
  • Database Audit
  • Network Audit – Network Architecture and Management System
  • Banking and Other Application Systems
  • DRP / BCP Audit
  • Process Audit
  • User Acceptance Test
  • Hardware and Software Controls
  • Fraud Control (excluding Forensics)
  • Infrastructure Audit
  • Desktop Audit
  • Database Audit – Oracle and SQL, My SQL etc.
  • Revenue Leakage Audit

Information Security Policy

The first and foremost step for an Information Security initiative for any organization
is the Preparation, Implementation and maintenance of Information Security Policies and Procedures. Our Team of Professionals have the strong capability and experience of Preparation, implementation and audit of Information Security Policies and Procedures for variety of Industries like Banking and financial companies, stock brokers, manufacturing, and other Institutes.

Information System Audit

We are Chartered Accountant Firm with experience of Information System Audit &
Consulting Services in the areas of Banking, Information Technology, System
Audits, and Security Implementations & Consulting Services.
We are in various areas of bank audit such as System Audit, Concurrent Audit,
Environment audit, Statutory Audit and Internal Audit.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Ensuring availability of the information assets is one of the three characteristic
of any security implementation. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Planning is a process to ensure that the business can restart, at least, the
critical functions, after a disruption within a period acceptable to the business.
Our Professionals can design, implement, test, train and handover the
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan for any business with any IT
We have professional experts who can facilitate & test, thorough
Compliance. We have people with sound capabilities to implement or test
organizations’ COBIT compliance.


  1. Audit under Companies Act
  2. Audit and Consultancy Services in Direct /Income Tax
  3. Audit and Consultancy under MVAT Act
  4. Audit under  Co-operative Act and Taxation of Co-operatives
  5. Bank Audits  including Statutory , Concurrent, System Audit
  6. ETDS & Related Payroll Services
  7. Subsidy and Project Finance
  8. Stock Audit , CA Certification and similar assignments
  9. Internal and Concurrent Audit
  10. Risk/Fraud Control & Verification Activity
  11. Consultancy under Service Tax Areas